¿Es mejor ser artista o piedra? / Is it better to be an artist or a stone?


General presentation of the project The Artist and the Stone by Matteo Guidi and Giuliana Racco
Tuesday November 3 at 6 pm in Fabra i Coats, Fàbrica de Creació – Barcelona
-Todos salen para decir que no… pero está fluyendo, está ocurriendo.
 -¿Qué te pensabas, que sería fácil? ¡Inconsciente! ¡Eres un inconsciente!… ¿Lo volverías a hacer? 
-Sí, y tanto. 
-¿Recomendarías a alguien más hacerlo? 
-¡No! Eso no.

>>Is it better to be an artist or a stone?

The Artist and the Stone proposes a reflection on the requirements and difficulties of human mobility, as well as that of objects, in the state of exception that a context of conflict and colonisation implies. A long and tedious process which addresses the displacement of an artist -the performer Ibrahim Jawabreh– and a large stone weighing 22 tonnes from Arroub refugee camp, Palestine to Barcelona. Central themes such as context, movement, negotiation, constraint and desire give shape to the  distinct moments of a process that continues unfolding under strict geopolitical limits, while its future maintains itself, until now, open.


Is it better to be an artist or a stone? entails a reflexive path through the two-year journey that The Artist and the Stone has taken, driven by the artist-directors, the project team and network of collaborators. Representing the team, along with the artists and directors Matteo Guidi and Giuliana Racco, are the general manager Denisse Dahuabe, and project curator Alex Brahim. They are accompanied by Ibrahim Beisani, President of the Palestinian Community of  Catalogna; Pep Dardanya, Head of external relations of the Escola Massana, Barcelona; Xavier de Luca, Conservationist of Fundació Suñol, and Jaume Reus, Director of Arts Santa Mónica, all members of the network of collaborators.

At the moment, The Artist and the Stone continues proposing a series of encounters and activations, including a cycle of projections in public space, its second exhibition and a series of academic and pedagogic activities.

Photos by Marzia Matarese


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