Launch of the new piece The Artist and the Stone: On negotiation


The double-channel video The Artist and the Stone: On Negotiation was launched within the context of the exhibition TRANSLOCATIONS. Temporary experience, artistic practices and local contexts.

This piece presents two round tables held in February and April respectively.

The first hinged on the “Who will take on the weight of 22 tonnes of stone” and involved representatives of different institutions and organizations touched by the process.

translocacions10translocacions11translocacions3 copy translocacions4 copy translocacions9With: Iolanda Fresnillo (Director of Tot Raval fountation); Ramon Parramon (Director of Idensitat); Ibrahim Beisani (President of Palestinian Community of Catalunya); Tere Badia (Director of Hangar); Carles Casamor Maldonado (Head of the Department of Urban Projects, City of Barcelona).


The second concentrated on the question of artistic mobility versus mobility limits in general, discussed amongst an artist, a mobility expert and a lawyer.
translocacions8 copytranslocacions7 translocacions6With: Andrés García Berrio (Lawyer of the Arrels Collective and member of the Penal System and Human Rights Observatory, University of Barcelona); Mireia Sallarès (Visual Artist); Herman Bashiron Mendolicchio (Researcher, art critic, curator and cultural mobility expert).

The questions, posed by the moderator-curator Alex Brahim (Dibina), and answers of the participants of the two channels dialogue with one another. Thus an interweaving discussion treating the concept of negotiation playsitself out, allowing new questions and possibilities to emerge during these moment of the process.


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