The Technical Unconscious


Exhibition curated by Ines Moreira, in collaboration with the Fine Arts Department of the University of Porto.
On the occasion of its centenary, the derelict spaces of the Cooperativa dos Operários Pedreiros do Porto (Stone Masons Cooperative) were reactivated through the interventions of the invited artists. Giuliana Racco and Matteo Guidi’s installation presented the results of their residency-workshop within the vintage auditorium.portoAuditorium2portoAuditorium3portoAuditorium1

In the same framework of the residency in Porto another piece –a donation– took place in the Cooperative’s own museum: one of the three samples of Jerusalem stone was officially inserted into the museum’s idiosyncratic collection, placed on permanent display and accompanied by its donation letter and booklet, Só estás be onde não estás, bearing the over 200 emails exchanged in order to transport the stones and unblock them in customs.


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